Our compiled language of choice will be C because it is the most fundamental and widely used compiled language that exists. All languages build on C's success, so we will start with it.

Learning to program in C

This is where the handbook does less justice. It's a lengthy process to teach someone how to program in another language, so I will defer this process to an external location.

First, I recommend reading from the beginning to page 20 in the book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2nd Edition. This will give you a high-level overview of the structures we use in programming. Next, you will need to actually learn the general syntax of C. I am not asking you to become a master, but you must learn the fundamentals.

Here are some tutorials I recommend, either will take at least a week or more to complete, but you got this. You are a hacker now.

Tutorials, choose one:

Before starting on the actual tutorial, it may be helpful to read the other three sub-sections associated with this section, i.e.:

They are only there to give you suggestions on good ways to write, compile, and debug from my personal experience. These will help you write code faster while you learn, but may not be necessary since many tutorials have you program in the browser now.

OK, start the tutorial and move on to the Python section when you are done.