Hacker Practice


For 'ike we developed a module to teach and test x86 with the intention of serving it to people who have never programmed before. The hacker practice for this chapter will involve you solving all the challenges on EmbryoASM, which will cover every subsection of Assembly in this chapter and test your knowledge of logic, memory, and how an architecture works.

For now, we have EmbryoASM deployed on pwn.college as the Assembly Refresher module. To play the levels, first register an account on dojo.pwn.college. After that, skip all other modules and go right to ASM Crash Course.

How to use pwn.college

To play a level, first click the start button. Next, you have two options:

  1. You can play in browser by now clicking the Workspace tab which will open a VS code instance in your browser with an embedded terminal
  2. (Recommended) You can ssh onto the box after hitting play. It will start a Docker container ready for you to connect at dojo.pwn.college as user hacker

To do option 2, you must first upload an ssh key in the settings tab of your profile. You will use this same key to ssh onto the pwn.college instance. After that you can connect like so:

ssh -i /path/to/key [email protected]