`Ike: The Systems Hacking Handbook


Welcome to 'Ike (pronounced Eeh-Kay). This handbook is intended to take those with 0 system hacking experience (that's right 0), and get them to an entry-level point within the pwn.college ecosystem. By following these steps, you can establish a strong base upon which to build your future hacking knowledge on. This process will essentially provide you with your white belt in hacking (at a system level), which will only be enhanced within the subsequent pwn.college program. While this handbook leans into the CTF atmosphere commonly seen on sites like CTFTime, the content should prove insightful to those curious individuals with no CTF experience (if you are looking for web skills, look somewhere else :D). If you get some usage out of this handbook, I ask you to hmu with a star on the github repo, so I know people actually use this, lol.

Through this Introduction section, you will find meta-data about the handbook, why it was written, and what I hope to accomplish with it as well as the target audience.


As president of the ASU Hacking Club, I have seen a common trend with regards to incoming club recruits. They tend to be driven Freshman or Sophomores who have yet to take the necessary classwork or gain the necessary experience to easily transition into the pwn.college infrastructure. While I currently occupy a leadership position in ASU-HC and Shellphish, I was once in the same position as many of our struggling recruits. Ideally, this perspective should allow me to offer the necessary resources when getting started in ones “hacking” career. I would hope that the following material also helps those occupying an even earlier academic background. If you find any spelling errors or suggestions, feel free to PR me on github, or just contact me directly on discord: mahaloz#1337.